Roblox National Cross Country – Mayhem Hill 4th Place – Boot Lake Dirt Bike Park

Racing on Boot Lake Dirt Bike park with racers from the Roblox Motocross Club and with a official from DeLaine Motoring.
We did 10 laps, which equaled out to about 15 minutes, in the dugout at Boot Lake Dirt Bike Park.
My xbox name is WNYRacer and I own the Roblox National Cross Country and I share a large part of the Roblox Motocross Club. If you would like to join the RMXC, tell me in the comments or DM me on xbox. My discord is JKM # 2797, so if you are on PC and would like to race or be in the club, I can try to work things out.
The race was a very fun one, especially since it was the first race of the Mayhem Series. The 1st place was supposed to get 20 robux but he has to wait until christmas because he doesn’t have a PC!
Thanks to DeezStubbs and Hockey Boys for being staff and helping out during the races.
Thanks to DeLaine Motoring and Doster Motors for sponsoring.
Thanks to all racers cooperating during the race and having fun.


  1. I actually might be the fastest person in that game

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