RONNIE RENNER: Moto X Step Up Record Breaking Gold | World of X Games

After 11 attempts and a back-and-forth battle with Matt Buyten, Ronnie Renner walks away with the gold and a new Moto X Step Up record.

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  1. they should make the landing go up higher as the bar gets up higher, so basically it's a step up. might be a little harder to recover from the lean in the air… but something needs to change that just hurts…

  2. It's almost like defying gravity, until you come crashing down…. But I never thought a bike could jump that high.

  3. Look at years past, they have! not much you can do to help a guy falling from 47'.

  4. the X games said they want a "record broken" just for ratings. They don't care about the riders. this shit is a glorified circus. I stopped watching when they started doing it on a fucking basketball court every year.

  5. ya or make the landing taller and less packed so its soft

  6. You're right, I noticed that when I watched it live…

  7. yeah its so hardass to smash your balls. you are such a badass! please teach me your badass ways! WHOAAA!!!!!!

  8. @bcopp8323 funny how u argue with an 8 year old. Get a life keyboard warrior

  9. whaooo incredible to see that !!!
    it's awesome !!
    Congratulations from France & Europe at this guy !!

  10. Love your bike Buyten! srry off topic! Go Renner!!

  11. What did they do with the GoPro? Looks like no lens on the housing

  12. sucks to be stupid huh?… was a joke…

  13. Dickhead, it's not his balls that's the problem, it is his back getting nearly crushed from the impact, dumbfucks.

  14. One minute of glory, a lifetime of Groinitus.

  15. Can´t be his balls because they are made of steel.

  16. he didnt hurt his balls
    look how bad he landed he almost crushed his back

  17. Reminds me of RC boosting it when the bar was at 32ft, he was out of frame and the set up then was dry, slick and the set up for the landing made it much more difficult. RC and Renner are boss’s!

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