Samsung Galaxy BMX Street: FULL COMPETITION | X Games Ventura 2024

Watch the full Samsung Galaxy BMX Street competition from X Games Ventura 2024!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes competing with two :45 second runs, followed by a 12 minute best trick jam session. In the first part, athletes will take two runs, best run of two counts. In the second part, athletes will do as many tricks within the 12 minutes, best trick counts. Judges will score competitors throughout the contest.

Join us for the ultimate celebration of action sports! For the full X Games Ventura 2024 schedule, click here:

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  1. très mal filmer un des pire x games que j'ai regardé très decevant

  2. Forgot to mention that Garrett Renyolds is an undeated Game Of Bike champion

  3. Why does park get a three run format and street gets this

  4. Garrett got absolutely robbed… his tricks were so much harder. Mad props to Jordan, he did his stuff clean and it was super hard too but dang dude nobody will ever do another Nollie 540 barspin in an X games run ever again hahaa sloppy or not

  5. So… are they not posting the whole thing…

  6. Feels really not fair that they only got 2 runs and best trick counts for the overall score when park riders have had 3 runs and 100point scale. Worst format, shame on you x games…

  7. What happened to the rest of the comp?

  8. Why do they all wear super baggy pants? All of them.

  9. The judges knew they messed up giving Jordan his second run score, hence why it took so long to give it the same score, I'm sorry but someone else deserved the dub, the judges need to get sacked

  10. Where’s the best trick runs? 🙄

  11. who are the judges?

    Courage got absolutely robbed, and so did KP for the first run. 

    Great riding, but the format is terrible and the whole event feels like one giant advertisement.

  12. Broooo go back to 3 runs and have best trick be its own dang event like Skateboarding. Jeebus my guys. Also, where is the second half???

  13. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Hate this format and multiple videos have the endings cut out. CONE ON X GAMES your better than this

  14. Where is the second half ? Dont put full comp on heading and only show half .

  15. Even the x games has rainbow’s now…. Cool. Nothing is safe. What’s next? UFC?

  16. I don’t know what’s worst the format or the painted rainbow

  17. wait, can I watch the bmx street finals anywhere????

  18. Courage really really gott robbed daylight 😢

  19. Felix should be 3rd scored board in the first run, his more clean than davon

  20. Que Le Paso A Los Juecez De EsTo, Siempre califican bajo a kevin aparte los demas malos puntales que dan, esto está maL…

  21. courage got absolutely robbed the judging was awful

  22. I’d like watching the rest of the competition 😢

  23. Yo, courage shoulda gotten better than he did first run.

  24. If anyone is looking for the second half of this format (Best Trick) you can find it on the Day 1 live stream at 10:30:00

  25. courage should be in the podium tho. imo

  26. FULL COMPETETION? Come on, dudes! disappointing

  27. So hard to choose between Kevin and Garret

  28. what in the judging failure is going on here …. soooooooo confused

  29. So who won? It said it was the full thing but there was like no winner announced. What a janky scoring system.

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