Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice

Riding Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike with studded tires on frozen lake.


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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

Shifter Kart with Studded Tires on ice

Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice

Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice

In todays video, we head back out on the frozen lake to test out our studded shifter kart tires on the perfectly smooth glare ice! Our friend Evan comes along too and brings his dirt bike with ice tires as well. We brought our quads out with studded tires to the lake too! The shifter kart performed amazing and we were able to drive with a ton of control and drift too! It was so fun being able to have such a smooth area to drive full speed. Evan was able to rip some insane wheelies with his dirt bike on the ice too! Later CJ and Micah give us the race we have all been waiting for between CJ’s Mitsubishi Evo and Micah’s Subaru WRX STI!!


  1. yconp, прывітанне Івона, iuuub

  2. the guy driving dirtbike has amazing talent

  3. i can't smell the clutch but a can hear the clutch slippin !!!!!!!hahahahaa

  4. How does this have 1000 dislikes like do you not have a life

  5. Let's goo!! 🔥 The boss just uploaded

  6. how is that guy so good at driving the cross lmao and on fucking ice those wheels must be really good

  7. God I’ve never seen a really being on hold for so long

  8. Man buddy on the bike is a badass mother, good riding skills

  9. Such good amazing content my breath was taken a way

  10. That looks like so much fun 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. To setel a bet can someone tell me if the dirt bike has studed tiers please

  12. It sounds like cj’s clutch was slipping the whole race. Also your car wants to be a diesel, when you took off you rolled some coal

  13. I can never tell if I blow the engine or run out of gas which happens a lot which probably is not a good thing hehehehehe.

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