Surprised my son with the new 2022 crf110 for his birthday. He’s got gear now so 😎😎


  1. Good job Pop…
    Heck yea! Get some my little guy.😊

  2. My parents never did s***for me but now I have my own kid I will never ever forget the day he got his new I think it was the best day for both of us

  3. Why aren't my parents like this. And it's not about money but they are scared and I am 15

  4. wow my parents never bought me one. lucky boy

  5. i have a crf70f at home but it’s too small for me now

  6. My grandma got me a razor mx350 dirt bike for my birthday. We went to Walmart the day before and bought it so I new what it was. I like riding it

  7. Illegal! Lol 😅 Hope you’ve got a track close and use it for what it was made for

  8. Not to be that guy it's not a 110 if a 70 cc

  9. Team red!! He will be a lifetime Honda lover because he will always remember his dad got him this bike

  10. Only Mexicans give there kids dirt bikes with no helmet and say enjoy yourself hahaha fooos

  11. Bet that he can’t ride a motorbike because look at him he looks like a bloody city slicker

  12. Does he even know how to ride that Bros just revving it?

  13. I’m 21 and can finally afford my first bike.

  14. I also might get an dirt bike for my bday 😊

  15. Yeah it’s cool but it’s way too big for him

  16. Good going mom and dad you did good today he will remember this day forever it’ll be one of his best ones ever I gave my son a new crf70 when he was about 6-7 for Xmas one year an then a few more thru the years enjoy young man your gonna have fun

  17. I wish my dad wouldn’t be so cheap and loved me😢

  18. Your son is very grateful, I have a xr70. Old 2001 Honda runs like a beast but I really want a crf like your son has.

  19. My dad bought me my first dirt bike when I was 9. Great gift from a father to his son

  20. I’m trying to get a bike too. What type of bike is that and where did you get it from?

  21. I think you should've bought a 2 stroke for him

  22. my parents are annoying they say i cant get one its to fast and dangerous🤧

  23. Awesome! How tall is he I am wondering about buying a 110 for my son and am wondering if the 110 will fit him

  24. I had to beg and plead, also cried a little like a spoiled kid to finally convince my parents to buy me a 1980 used Suzuki RM80 in 1982. Got the first year that Suzuki made the mono rear shock. The RM80 was my size, and that was my rationale to my plead cause my first dirt bike was a free gifted 70's Suzuki RM100 that was too tall that was given to me from my brother in law to ride with the crew. I showed my parents that I could ride a dirt bike, but I had to lean the RM100 bike up against the house and climb up on it to start off. To stop, I slowed down, hopped off the side, holding on to the handlebars.
    They saw that it was dangerous, so I got the smaller RM80.

  25. I got my first bike when I was 8 it was a 50cc china pit bike man I rode that mf for 2 yrs then got a 125cc Chinese pitter when I was 10 and I Havnt turned back since been Ridin and rippin

  26. I want to buy some new one but my family was poor 😔😔😔…

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