Surprised my son with the new 2022 crf110 for his birthday. He’s got gear now so 😎😎


  1. For my eighth birthday I got a Tao db24 110cc dirt bike

  2. Lucky little dude! I remember my 1st bike. It was a z50r that my older brother bought me with his 1st pay check at his very 1st job. I was so happy, we didn't have a dad and I remember how lucky i felt to have such a selfless brother!

  3. I’m 29 and I’m hoping this year I can finally get a motorcycle, this is so cool! Get him a helmet! Not only does it look cool but protect him! 🤘🏽

  4. nice bike little man, my dad just bought me the 2023 crf250rx for chrismas, ride on🤘🏻

  5. Nice man! I’ve wanted a bike literally my whole life I’m 13 now and still trying to get one hahahah

  6. Make him wear a helmet even if he’s just on the grass

  7. That’s really nice your son should be the envy of all his friends. Hope dad teaches to respect private property and stay off the streets cuz that shit ain’t cool

  8. Dude, this is crazy! I’m for my 10th birthday i also got a dirtbike!

  9. I want one but my family can’t afford one

  10. This is what life is all about…. Just not mine😂

  11. I got a Crf125 before school started because I got too big for my Xr70r, and that’s awesome kiddo!!!🎉🎉❤

  12. I remember when I got my first dirt bike, one of the best times of my life. Have fun on that thing

  13. Men my present was a crf 250r and I’m only 14

  14. I got a crf 125 2022 for my 13 birthday and I love it

  15. I love my parent too,my dad too,he give me Kawasaki KSR110,my dada said "i will teach you how ride it,before its late"after that my dad learn me everything,my dad has a final stage of kidney problem,soo that was the reason im giving my story,im Sonny 12 yo and bye 🙂

  16. That smile on his face when he saw the bike 😅

  17. Mientras en latam te dan un jabón por tu cumpleaños, en gringolandia te dan una moto por tu cumpleaños X,D saquenme de Latinoamérica

  18. Got my first bike at 14, 02' cr125r she was beat to crap and ended up blowing up a good 5 times but she was quick and fun

  19. “No you can’t ride i-“ proceeds to ride it

  20. I’m guessing it’s Semi automatic because no clutch not seen a bike like that before

  21. You just made his whole childhood and possibly future.

  22. I loved that feeling when i got my first 80cc, hope he enjoyed as much as i did, especially the first time you go REALLY FAST

  23. I have a 250 myself but a 110 looks so much fun dude

  24. Not trying to be rude but he probably should wear a helmet if wiskey throttles he could get seriously injured

  25. Ok got a 110 cc for my birthday back in 2020 and I have way outgrown it and am going to upgrade to a 150cc

  26. If that were me I’d be to excited I’d be whippin that thing

  27. Bro got him that to say sorry about his haircut in the back

  28. Ay man the look the kids giving you is all that matters as a father

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