The 14 Year Old Bike Prodigy of Watts | Local Legends

Mr.Dirtbike_Kid is a 14-year-old street bike prodigy from Watts, CA. Riding bikes three times his size with people twice his age, Mr.Dirtbike_Kid is a well-recognized presence in the community. Street biking is not only an outlet, it’s an alternative to the drugs and gang violence that kids from Watts often fall into. VICE meets up with Mr.Dirtbike_Kid as he gears up for his biggest feat yet – graduating middle school.

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  1. This young man is amazing,and he's respectful to his mama. Win win

  2. These people are idiots, find something else that's productive like finishing school or helping your community or taking care of your family, not disrupting public streets so you can get views on fucking TikTok, on something that's not street legal that could get yourself killed or someone else.

  3. Riding helps me an my siblings to stay off these streets an find something else to do than illegal stuff. We would rather dirt bike than be on the streets, it's like a coping mechanism to escape the cruel world, dat we live in. Our motha would rather have us dirt bike all day then to see us behind bars or 6 ft under. Like how can people be so hatred towards a kid and his motha, he's not hunting anyone or doings any illegal actions; it's jus a kid living his best life out here.

  4. Be blessed thankful and grateful this young man is focused on something productive…. instead of committing crime, and being a menaces to himself, God, his family and friends. Pleased the blood of Jesus over this young man and that he is allowed to reach his full dreams an achievements.💯❤️🙏🏾

  5. His not special,his a terrorist! Everyone who's braking the law and putting the others in danger they're criminals and terrorist!

  6. the tie part is sad only hood nigas will understand i miss u dad

  7. We need an update once his high school graduation

  8. Imagine if this kid was given a real opportunity on a track

  9. MUCH RESPECT EJ 💯💯 I GOTTA GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU NEED YOU IN ONE OF MY VIDEOS, love what you doing young king remind me of myself when I was 10 with a mature brain

  10. Hood famous without the money the White boys get with less talent.

  11. The man said it. He’s an exceptional young man. Hope he remains this way his whole life. He’ll go far

  12. Awesome. Teaching a child to break the law. Hmm. I think gangs do the same.

  13. Bike prodigy never raced or competed in x games. So you're comparing him to who? Deegan kids ride way better.

  14. respect for this guy, same age as me but guy is shorter and still poppin better wheelies than me

  15. Wait im so confused. Isnt that illegal?? Because ive seen so many people ride dirtbikes out on the street but i never see any cops chasing them. I dont live in Usa so i dont know. But please tell me

  16. That’s the first mum that I’ve ever seen which is ok with their kid doing illegal wheelies on the street with a full sized dirt bike escaping from the cops! Sounds amazing!

  17. Where I'm from every body starts riding dirt bikes skidoos and quads cars since young

  18. Love watching kids understand business instead of kids with guns murdering each other.

    Lil dude is surrounded by good brothers that want him to succeed.

  19. Man y'all gotta let me know the ride outs in LA, im in downtown area

  20. The "city needs a track" argument is a red herring. California is the Moto capital of the world and there are tracks absolutely everywhere. They want to do wheelies in traffic and that's not available at a track.

  21. Bro this reminds me of myself growing up. I've been riding since I was 4 and haven't considered stopping anytime soon. It truly is a lifestyle

  22. I’m 24y/o and i’ve been riding professional freestyle motoX since i was 16 at which time i got my first sponsorship under HJC. As a real rider it pisses me off thugs are out riding dirt bikes & quads in the middle of highways, side streets etc hell, let’s be honest 😒 everyone knows 90% of these bikes are stolen! and moreover these bikes are not made for this!. There’s a reason these are called “DIRT bikes” and the equivalent is no different then say a “GoKart” sure you can technically drive them on the streets but you know they don’t belong there. I would ask why they don’t get actual street bikes but i think we all know why… Nevertheless i wish nothing but the best for this kid and i see a ridiculous amount of potential in him not pertaining to riding but just as a young man who’s very well spoken and mature for his age! especially in that environment! i just wish he had a better mother! it makes me nauseous that she finds her baby out there hauling ass on freeways doing stunts and running from the police! as something funny! 😑 she literally said it’s “Comical too me” 😐god forbid he winds up dead watch her she’s gonna blame everyone & everything except her self… GOD HELP HIM💔🤦🏽‍♂️

  23. Exactly it's called a dirt bike you said it yourself

  24. Tell him line up I got A Yamaha banshee 350 100 mph I would smoke him btw I’m 11 my bike cost 15k I paid for it with my own money not my parents

  25. Get that kid off the streets and in the dirt then he could have a future doing what he loves .Follow your dreams kid just do it right ..

  26. 14:44 Look at that face at the very end. Pure joy. The kid has a very wise old soul.👍

  27. Be cool to see how he gets on , on a motocross track

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