The 14 Year Old Bike Prodigy of Watts | Local Legends

Mr.Dirtbike_Kid is a 14-year-old street bike prodigy from Watts, CA. Riding bikes three times his size with people twice his age, Mr.Dirtbike_Kid is a well-recognized presence in the community. Street biking is not only an outlet, it’s an alternative to the drugs and gang violence that kids from Watts often fall into. VICE meets up with Mr.Dirtbike_Kid as he gears up for his biggest feat yet – graduating middle school.

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  1. God bless that kid and watch over him every moment of every day.

  2. This dude can't ride. He's far from a prodigy. Wheelie trick riding is a gimmick. If you want to highlight some incredible black riders they're out there

  3. Get that kid off the streets and put him own dirt were that bike is suppose to be rode.Thats not a prodigy riding illegally down the highway .I hope someone finds him and helps him get in dirt .Riding a wheely down the road is just dumb .He's a good kid I hope he finds the right role models

  4. mechanic:dont wheelie ur tires are not doing good
    Mr. Dirt bike Kid after destroying 13435 tires: what?

  5. Put him on a motocross track instead of the streets!!!

  6. "his little chipmunk voice made me better" lmao

  7. I just wanna know how he got that bike lol cause damn I’m grown an don’t got one

  8. BIG CORRECTION AT 0:58 RIDE MY BIKE* HE DID NOT SAY "RIDE AND FIGHT" HE SAID "RIDE MY BIKE" (in the subtitles) its sad the media is already trying to paint this young man out to be a trouble maker. That was not an "HONEST TYPO" the community needs to protect this young man and the others around him so that he can continue to be a legend. BLESSINGS.

  9. This kid is amazing, warms my heart ♥️

  10. Подарите пацанчику кроссовый шлем пж

  11. That’s the thing bro you not super man be safe ❤️🔥

  12. Get this kid a full face helmet. Absolute gem, I hope he goes far

  13. Although I respect this kid a lot, I feel like he should bring the bike to an actual Motocross track. That's what these bikes where designed for like: Hitting jumps, railing corners, berms, and ruts etc… I get life for them can be hard for them, and there isn't that many local moto X tracks around their area considering they're in the middle of the city. But I feel like he would have a lot more fun using the bike for what it's meant to do rather than just riding wheelies up and down the street lol.

  14. U all should really come to Maryland Ik kids around the age of 10 living the life like this kid

  15. Let’s start a go fund me to get this kid a proper helmet and training!!

  16. Sad that everyone looks up to a 14 year old breaking the law. Sad culture.

  17. That kid is an old soul. Keep your front wheel up!

  18. bro when i was in 6th grade that year was lit i do miss being a kid

  19. everything will kill u, so choose something fun.

  20. Bike life 🔥💪🏽s/o to this young bull

  21. Why encourage these kids to do this on streets. Shits wack. Hope y’all can afford his fines for doing that.

  22. That's a dam shame they won't even let boys be boys. They ain't shooting at each other they riding mf motorcycles smdh

  23. Told you nothing about the bike he rides……😕

  24. love it, really hope i can afford a bike soon miss it heavy

  25. Outside! A whole new concept. Why not just play a game on your console? We were mostly outside back in the day with no cell, no cable, no internet, no guns, no meth, no heroin, just a few stems and seeds.

  26. sei un grande ragazzo… you are amazing,,,, respect

  27. Im glad he wears his half hat atleast lost to many friends on bikes keep ya lid on kid and ridding around with knobbys on the streets is silly u dnt ever put that bike on dirt u tyres last atleast 3 times longer and grip better with some good rubber

  28. if it keeps him out the gang life, all for it, everyone has been dealt a different hand and very easy to say he shouldn’t be doing it it’s illegal, it’s a lot better than selling drugs and gang banging

  29. Someone help this kid get to an MX track. He’s got talent!

  30. 2022 “doesn’t even curse” in a city where it looked as if only 20 students graduated that day.. let that sink in .. 🙏🏻pray the pillars hold you high for life.

  31. Imagine hating on the mother for allowing her son to have an outlet instead of gangs. Hope that’s his way out, see him in the X Games

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