The Best Motocross/Dirtbike Games on Console *Updated 2022* | PlayStation and Xbox

Sorry for the poor quality in some parts of the video.


  1. I mean for All Out not to have multiplayer is just inexcusable at this point in next Gen games

  2. What track are u playing in the first part of te video? At mx vs atv legends?

  3. I would say MXGP or Supercross 5 but I haven’t played them because still can’t find a PS5. But the physics of MXGP 21 look the best especially with being able to use your clutch. The Legends game reminds me of like a $20 PS3 game. It seem’s to be more arcade-ish looking and doesn’t look as good either as MXGP or SX5. Maybe I’ll see if they have it for PS4

    Edit: it’s multiplayer why do you keep saying multiplier

  4. Thanks for the vid! Just bought supercross 5 for my lil brother

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