The CRAZIEST Dirt Bike Tricks! (Urban Trial Tricky)

I did the craziest dirt bike tricks in Urban Trial Tricky! This new game is a ton of fun, definitely want to play it more! Let me know if you want to see more videos of this game. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Yes i want you play more and i love your videos soooo funny

  2. Hey Sam I absolutely love your videos, they are the best!!!!!!! Please like this

  3. Lol i love how he is a banana in the intro

  4. Love this vid definitely make more vids of this game

  5. You have almost 650k subs on this channel. My mind is blown.

  6. "its like tommy hank pro skater"- Sam Tabor Gaming 2021

  7. 1st he does Descenders then Pipe then Trials Rising then Lonely mountain downhill then touch grind BMX now this.😁

  8. More trials tricking more 🔥🔥🔥😎

  9. did you know if you do three sponser missions to get a dirt jumper and a downhill roed

  10. "I am the king of normal motion"

    -SamTaborGaming 2021

  11. Hey Sam, u should make a series with this game like u did with descenders. 😎 U should also make more decenders vids too.

  12. My son loves all your videos and watches them all the time

  13. The game is wrong that is a rock solid not a super man. :/

  14. it looked like so much fun i bought it after 5 mins of watching this

  15. Here we go. Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor Sam tabor.. pls pin me

  16. 8:30
    Bruh his character is humping the bike.

  17. I really liked this game, pls play again in the near future!!!!!!!

  18. Hey Sam, I still don’t understand how people can watch other’s playing online games 🙃 but my son is enjoying it a lot – so you are doing it quite good. He wants to let you know that he likes the urban trial tricky games as well as the vr games the most – so he wants more of those if possible😅. All the best, cheers.

  19. What device is it Xbox playstation of swich or pc

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