(The Crew 2) dirt bike life Role-play .PT 1

Songs:Send it by Hooligan Hefs Outro song:Like and subscribe by Adam Buxton


  1. Btw guys I was putting on an American accent I’m actually Aussie so ye but I would love to do a crew 2 roleplay with any of u guys soon🤗

  2. If ur on playstation can I do roleplays with u

  3. im geting crew two now thanks keep the good vids up!

  4. I like how the less subscribers just do the best roleplay

  5. Bro wth is wrong with your driving your supposed to RP not to speed, reckless driving, shorcut and other..

  6. Could you tell the bike name like the title when you buy it and the brand pls

  7. Can I play with you a later time when I buy the game and get my steering wheel

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