The Crew Two LA Bike Life

cruisin with the homie on the crew two nake sure to sub to me and him


  1. What is the name of the bike he’s using

  2. Nomames ese juego yalo tenia instalodo en la play y nilo jugaba no mames 😭😭

  3. wowowowoww Realistic wwoowowwow O.O

  4. Is it vr or no because idk if I should buy the game

  5. What bike in the crew 2 were you using??? It sounds so good in game

  6. No one can put wheelie me I keep the throttle Chopin and I stay at 12 o’clock

  7. if you are trying to find this guys paint job go to latest on livery then go all the way back till you find July of 2018 the paint job was up loaded on the 10th

    all so the bike he is using is the Kawasaki kx450f with a custom front light and exhaust.

  8. you hit everthing this is not a rp its a fail like and i bet you"r 9 so just stop

  9. I bought the game jus because of this video. Wheelies are sth I'm very addicted to lmao

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