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No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing 1999 –
Downhill Domination 2003 –
Mountain Bike Adrenaline 2007 –
Mountainbike challenge 2010 –
MotionSports Adrenaline 2011 –

0:00 Intro
0:08 No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike Racing 1999
0:33 Downhill Domination 2003
1:24 Mountain Bike Adrenaline 2007
2:23 Mountainbike challenge 2010
2:53 MotionSports Adrenaline 2011
3:27 Descenders 2018
5:00 Lonely Mountains Downhill 2019
6:47 Riders Republic 2021


  1. I miss playing downhill alone with friends.

  2. Nice bicycle games video compilation! ❤

  3. Downhill Dominación. , 2003
    Fue ,. El. Mejor. Juego
    Realista. ,👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. When i was a kid my parents couldn't afford to buy a ps2 for me so every time when they give a little amount of money i go to gaming cafes and spend it playing ssxtricky and downhill domination all day nonstop till my eyes hurt, its one of my core memories that I'll never forget so much fun to this day

  5. Best part about downhill domination my dad made one of the bikes and it’s art graphics that featured in the game don’t know if it was labeled as this but the Ellsworth joker for reference fun bike to ride irl as well lame claim to fame lol

  6. downhill domination ps2 version is the best the others are trash lol

  7. the air resistance doesnt exist in the last game hahhahaha

  8. Oh nooo.. Why the games so boring today?

  9. playing bicycle games without fighting with weapons, character signature styles, and getting new characters and bicycles, is very boring, if there is a next downhill I'm sure older people who already have income will buy it. Game developers should know who their market is

  10. If there would be offline racing mode just like downhill domination 2003 in rider republic it would have been awesome

  11. Downhill 2003 is just masterpiece, everything after that are just DOWNhill
    The last one is actually decent looking

  12. Imagine that the "Downhill Domination 2003 " game is developed, to become like the game "Riders Republic. 2021" in terms of graphics, and also if online play and global competitions are added, it will change one of the best games in the world🤔 ❤️‍🔥🙌🏻✨️😪

  13. No issues with assembly for me but I could see where some might benefit from using an experienced bike assembler/mechanic. I'm an older rider starting back after a 10 year break. This bike exceeds my capabilities and has been easy to get comfortable riding. I'm mostly on easy trails with almost no street riding and have not been disappointed with the performance of the bike. My fitness level is far below what I previously rode with and because of that the mileage is going on the bike slowly. While I'm losing weight slowly, the bike seems to tolerate my 220 pounds just fine. The bike has been used by several family members ranging from 5'5" – 5'9".

  14. Se me hace mas impresionante dowhill domination que riders republic a pesar de sus graficos. El dowhill tiene unas pistas que dan adrenalina, la perspectiva o vista se ve brutal, se nota que estas a grandes alturas con muchas rampas divertidas.

  15. This is my little dream to play riders republic) but mu pc bad

  16. 1:53 Made me laugh so hard, a giant goes downhill MTB.

    Only played No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking.

  17. That riders shut he was doing was gay 😂

  18. Downhill Domination, a big piece of my childhood

  19. I was 6 years old playing downhill domination best memories of childhood ❤️❤️

  20. Every game in this list is shit, ofcpurse except the downhill domination, that game is great.

  21. For bike racing, Downhills Domination is my all-time favorite.
    For car racing, I very like the Blur game.
    Both games are not realistic but so much fun.

  22. I love this genre and snowboards,skateboards and with RR i have them all in just one game

  23. No offence but you are bad at decenders but the video was still good and keep itup

  24. Nothing can replace Downhill Domination forever

  25. Downhill domination 2003 all the way❤

  26. Sem dúvidas o Downhill Domination sempre foi o mais divertido é mais legal de todos os jogos no estilo bike montanha

  27. prefiro dowhill bem que poderiam fazer um jogo igual so que com a qualidade do ultimo jogo.

  28. You actually missed ONE.

    Downhill Bikers by Namco. 🙂

  29. Downhill domination marcou a infância de muita gente aqui no Brasil tem relatos de gente assim como eu que finalizavam o jogo várias vezes e nunca se cansaram, em tudo que vejo a respeito do jogo vários brasileiros se perguntando e se questionando sobre o jogo não ter sido continuado sinto saudades do jogo até hoje quero ainda em vida ver esse jogo ter um remake e com a possibilidade online sinto que seria muito incrível…

  30. Descenders is the most underrated game in this video by far. Such an amazing game, way better than riders republic

  31. I love your content and I can’t believe I’m just now subscribing to you😊

  32. How many of these games have you played?🤔😁

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