The Hardest Dirt Bike Race In The World – Erzbergrodeo

“There is hard enduro, but this is too hard” – Mani Lettenbichler believes that the infamous Red Bull Erzbergrodeo is the toughest enduro race in the motorcycle world. The extreme nature of the terrain in the Erzberg mine makes the course different for every edition, with savage boulders, roots and steep hills to challenge even the best endurocross riders. Five hundred racers will start, but only 20-30 of them will make the finish…

Do you agree with Mani? Is there a harder dirt bike race? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Do you think Erzbergrodeo is the hardest dirt bike race in the world? Let us know what other races you think are the toughest 💪

  2. WOW 😳. Now I want more, where can I watch this race and more hard enduro??????

  3. Nossa sensacional, 😱 os caras destroem a moto E EU QUERENDO UMA MOTO DESSAS.😅😅😅😅😅😅🇧🇷👍

  4. Did anyone turn up on an electric bike? 😎

  5. Making it to the top must be mindblowing….. 😜

  6. Harder than the streets of Lagares? Dunno about that…..

  7. 🤪Dirt Biking gets so eventful at Erzbergrodeo!

  8. No other event in sport can match Erzberg for sheer carnage! Change my mind.

  9. Stupid with so many guys at once just a clusterfuck would be way awesome to watch with less guys at once

  10. Now you're talking our language 😎

  11. Why post this? It was canceled again this year for BS covid reasons.

  12. Cool video for sure !!!
    I am hoping however after this weekend we get a proper video of red bull team In the F1 race ..
    That team without a doubt would be red bulls hugest expense coming in at around a hundred million dollars … so let’s see some videos people !

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