The Most Realistic Bike Game? | RiMs Racing Review

RiMs Racing has just been released and in our review we try to answer the question if this game is the most realistic bike game. Is there any chance RiMs racing can beat MotoGP 21 or RIDE4? We take a look at the gameplay, the graphics, the game modes and some features such as maintaining your bike.

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  1. ahh the on your face moments, are… epic!

  2. wow i never head of this game and that's sad. Thanks for this!

  3. NOW Ride 5 or Rims Racing? (Most realistic)

  4. Great review, interesting game. On a side note, the narrator really sounds like Luke Reilly from ign.

  5. They have online multiplayer under Multiplayer > Online Custom Events. You can create single race events or cup events. It even has a lobby browser. Fame for Online Challenges nets you credits and parts.

  6. "Winning championships is what you Ride 4." I see what you did there

  7. I'm a big fan of what the devs have done with this game. Can tell it was made by riders. Helmet cam is phenomenal. Attention to detail is amazing too. Can tell this is a Quality over Quantity game (8 bikes), which is not an issue. Would love to see more tracks in the future

  8. Thanks for the Review😊👍
    Can you tell me, whether there is the Track Nürburgring Nordschleife included?

  9. any with open world riding? (not arcade like gta)

  10. Erm you don't "drive" a bike, you RIDE it 🙂

  11. In my opinion TrackDayR is the best motorcycle simulator (not the best game since it has no career mode) but the simulation is by far the best in motorcycle simulation. Maybe you could do a review on it? 😉

  12. Just a warning. If you don't like arcade style racers, this game isn't for you. I just purchased it and have requested a refund … I understand the hard work the devs have put in this game but is is unplayable on PS4… My fps runs below 20 and dips until the game freezes …

  13. I hope 150cc available. Like Jupiter MX king, sonic, vixion, cb150r, or matic like vario.

  14. Rather buy a racing game full of bikes than this motorbike mechanic simulator… Total bull.hit to pay for only 8 bikes… No one cares about 500 spare trash

  15. love this game, but feel that there needs to be a update in the physics…. lowsiding when its actually a highside, bikes being waaay too sensitive to slips is kinda frustrating

  16. not a bad game, but rear slides are not realistics at all.

  17. Great review. Won't be wasting my time with only 8 bikes 🤦

  18. I love the riding aspect. But the mechanical upkeep side of it is cruel and unnecessary punishment.🤣

  19. I was just watching another gaming channel's review on this game and they said it was disappointing. Also they wouldn't recommended it because it's too hard to play for the causal gamer. Luckily someone in the comments pointed out that the person reviewing the game had horrible breaking lines and kept trying to play the game like they were playing an arcade racer. The commenter also posted the link to this video as well and I'm happy they did. I'm subscribing and I'm also getting the game.

  20. I'm glad RIMS exists because Milestone just has no competition, they were always able to make 7/10 games at best. I like Ride 3 and 4 but they're all missing too much stuff and Milestone just never bothered, because they never needed to. I wish they'd keep updating the game instead of abandoning it already and then releasing Ride 5 years later. Polyphony did that with GT Sport and it turned out well.

  21. other than the lean over speed, this game is unbeatable right now. makes ride 4 look like from the 90s

  22. Why WorldSBK does not have its own game?

  23. The pencil neck said "driving" I unsubed and downvoted. Instantly.

  24. My Summer Bike? Although, I'm not sure the use the word "realistic" would survive after an encounter with Piboso's GP Bikes.

  25. RiMS is hands down the most realistic motorcycle simulator I have ever tried in my life. I've been riding for many years, including track days. Wow. I am blown away. Truly amazing. The motorcycle components also wear and deteriorate as you ride the bike, and depends on how hard you stress them. That is a welcome and immersive feature. The bike customization is also great. Very in-depth, and fantastic. But it's just such a shame how TERRIBLE the career mode has been structured. Absolute garbage. Firstly, you don't get much opportunity to actually ride the bike which you have customised. By that, I mean, you mostly only get to participate in some random races, with no practice time. The rest of the career forces you to ride stock bikes, often in the same manner. And the track list is small. The tracks are laser scanned, so they are very high quality, but I just wish they would have included tracks like Sepang, Phillip Island, Dijon Prenois, and Grobnik.

  26. Rims is the best motorcycle Sim there is by far. Moto Gp isn't even close to Sim & like all Milestone games is just bad arcade physics.

  27. It's the only game I've ever tried to get a refund for. It's a typical Kylotonn game: Rough, unpolished, unfinished and basic. The fluidity of Moto GP and the clunky, cartoony physics of this mess couldn't be further apart.

  28. it's "riding" and not "driving" …There is no steering wheel with which you "motorcycle"

  29. Whats the best out of ride 4. Motogp22 or rims racing, for someone who rides and races real bikes irl?

  30. You do not drive a motorcycle. You ride a motorcycle. It hurts to listen to.

  31. If a bike "sim" doesn't have Cadwell Park on it's track list.. sorry.. you're not close to a sim.

  32. its got awful graphics , prefer ride 4 by a country mile

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