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  1. I wish people would make more sand maps. As a sand rider myself I would love to see a recreate of Glamis sand dunes in California with all the famous hills like Oldsmobile hill, China wall and popular locations like swing set. If you know you know…
    Edit: there is some sand maps but I feel like nobody has done a mix of small dunes and giant bowls and got the scaling correct. Also none with giant hills with whoops going up like Oldsmobile hill is irl

  2. Lynds, do a hide and seek video on it. Last to get crashed wins 🙂

  3. Holy shit! This was soo cool. Great job on the editing man!

  4. Him saying he sucks is like saying every sub is better at riding than Graham Jarvis

  5. How do you do those fmx tricks !?!? 😐 nice vid as always.

  6. Great job steezing it out Lynds! Verified freerider

  7. The flow of this map is insane. The beat of this video matches the vibe perfectly!

  8. would love to see you explore this as a live stream. I'm sure there is still alot of new lines to make.

  9. Could spend hours and still hit something new on this map!

  10. WHAT A DAY TO HAVE A PC. Thank you to the creator🥰

  11. can someone told me the beat that is in background? Thank you btw nice whips keep up 🙂

  12. Does anyone know any mods I can use on the demo?

  13. So sick man, what a treat of a video

  14. You gotta get a couple buddy's to do a session on this map with you. I'd love to see an hour video with you and a couple friends just freestyling

  15. they need to lower the price or update the game litterly nobody plays it with any of the in game assets like the the one kind of bike or few maps the game comes with the modding community is the only reason the game is even playable and for $35 it feels like a robbery.

  16. Lynds: i am not the best in freeride, also lynds: going absolutely crazy and doing the smoothest gaps ive ever seen

  17. Basically, it's Ocotillo Wells on crack. Noice.

  18. fuckin shitballs wish this shit was on console yall have no idea how much i would pay

  19. The background music is a uk drill song but can’t think which one!!!!

  20. look like motocross madness 2 😂😂😂

  21. 3:46 ah yes, i too love doing the mysteriously hold a superman perfectly on the ground

  22. Are you able to load up like a horse instead of a bike? Lol doing these massive gaps on a palomino 😂

  23. We need this game on PS5 (nice video btw🤌)

  24. How do u whip the tail I'm doing something wrong

  25. Excelentes imágenes, como se puede jugar en PC sin conexión modo race

  26. This is the most smooth I've ever seen on any dirt bike game. Beautiful. You were running those lines like nothing. I wish we could smack this place in real life. So badass

  27. Whoever made this map has been to Pole Line 🏆

  28. What’s the bike cc in your video

  29. I SAW THAT 96 PLATE (Axell hodges is a guy with the 96 plate who does alot of free riding he is one of the freestyle guys in the middle of some monster energy AMA Supercross.

  30. 7zip cant put it into archive but all the free maps ive gotten just fine but the one i pay for doesnt work??? need help

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