This Game is Better Than I Thought! – TrackDayR First Look

TrackDayR is an Early Access game available on Steam for $25 and to this point I had held off playing it because I really felt like a crossover street bike/dirt bike game would not return the physical gameplay I’d hope for. Well, I may be wrong as there’s at least some promising signs with this one with the motocross gameplay and if it’s still early access where they are continuing to build it, we could be in for a nice little game for us motocross fans. Check out our first look at TrackDayR here!

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  1. the rider kinda looks like Mike alessi 🤣 the game looks sick over all though definitely needs work but I'm sure that will all happen seems the devs pay attention to the community

  2. Idk if u now but when your engine is off You can put 2nd gear press start and rider bumpstart The bike is really cool feature too 🤟

  3. The flipping off is definitely for the road bike section. If you watch them long enough, that's there favorite sign😅

  4. Best rev limiter sound I've ever heard in any game! Looks like there is great potential with this one!

  5. If you look at this game from 3 months ago compared to now it looks so much better

  6. its like they watched a ronnie mac video then made a game

  7. A perfect game would be everything in monster energy supercross all gear and everything and mxgp USA maps

  8. Woah where did this come from all of a sudden? For an early access this looks great!

  9. Looks good but when it comes to riding in real life to this game, the turning is a little weird lol but the physics seem pretty good. But the leaning and turning would be the big issue for me.

  10. I really wish someone would take a game like mx bikes, polish it up and make it available for ps5 / Xbox and PC. Mx games will never increase in popularity with the arcade physics people keep doing over and over again.

  11. I'd like to see more realistic rut development in games. I know when I hit the track it sure isn't smooth like the games. Excited to see new mx games coming out tho! Would be nice for a new BMX game to come out rather than just riders republic

  12. Everything is better than MX vs ATV already…

  13. Amazing First Look, i love the Physics, in corners, right out of the corner, amazing in air look

  14. Good to see Suzuki finally getting on board with the electric start

  15. Sounds soo good for once..I take it is just pc though ??

  16. They fix the physics it’ll be a good game. Sounds good. Not sure if they have dynamic tracks or not but if they do not and they add realistic dynamic tracks that aren’t auto generated where the track actually ruts where the racing line is and where the riders are actually at and different depths I mean so many options but I’ll leave it there to not over do my comment but y’all get the idea.

  17. The best game physics motocross… PS4??????

  18. Looks like a knock off of moto gp games but with more detail

  19. I like the fact you actually need to pick the bike back up after a crash instead of suddenly being back on it. Even excitebike you had to run back to your bike. Game looks awesome and only going to get better with time.

  20. It looks weird in the way Mx bikes looked weird compared to sim when everyone first got it, is the best way I can put how the physics look.

  21. Looks like you need to sit down more to turn

  22. Looks like it will be good once you get used to it

  23. Pretty sure the track layout is a replica of loretta lynn's

  24. PURE gonna be my favorite, even though it’s only Quad.

  25. Is this better or mx bikes I’m not sure if I should get this game because I already have mx bikes

  26. This game is very promising, just some more optimisations and it can be the new asseto corsa of bikes!

  27. I wanna see what the 2stroke dirt bikes sound like

  28. Sounds terrible and looks like physics are terrible as well.

  29. Are you loading any of your jumps? From first person that was the most accurate I’ve ever seen on anything on a video game. Wow. Super impressive game. I would rip this. It takes someone who’s ridden a lot to play this real crazy. It’s so gnarly looking! Can’t wait to play this !

  30. no hate to mx bikes as I realize the potential and can see its great by watching people that are good at the game… I am just absolutely horrible at it. I cant make it through a corner or nail a scrub to save my life… dont even get me started in trying to complete a lap on a SX track, I literally cant. This looks a bit easier and more enjoyable for my skill set actually.

  31. it looks like a good game but mx bike stays in first

  32. I’m just waiting for a Realistic VR motocross game

  33. did you ever figure out how to stand on the bike? lololol

  34. Yeah sure graphics look great, but physics look awful.

  35. Looks like it needs a ton of optimization and it shows more in 1st person witch is what I play way I'm buying this when mx bikes is soo good

  36. i started watching him since the 4 hour early access mx vs atv all out video

  37. Clunky and trash man no way does it look good. Maybe in 5 years of patches later

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