This Game is Better Than I Thought! – TrackDayR First Look

TrackDayR is an Early Access game available on Steam for $25 and to this point I had held off playing it because I really felt like a crossover street bike/dirt bike game would not return the physical gameplay I’d hope for. Well, I may be wrong as there’s at least some promising signs with this one with the motocross gameplay and if it’s still early access where they are continuing to build it, we could be in for a nice little game for us motocross fans. Check out our first look at TrackDayR here!

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  1. I hope this games comes to xbox soooo bad

  2. Personally I saw it’s one of the most underrated games ever, no one ☝️ lays it yet it’s sooo fun!

  3. I’m d ride the 125 it’s much faster than the 4 stroke

  4. Tbh you just have to get better at the game as time goes by, give it a sec and wipe and everything will be amazong

  5. From what this game was 2 months ago the steps the have made are amazing

  6. Definitely looks promising! Hopefully they can fill that niche between the more hardcore sims and the mainstream arcade titles 👀

  7. the game got a big improvement last time i played the game was like 3 month ago and now it got a lot of new things

  8. Looks and sounds good to me! For an early access. If they can polish it and fix the jank, It might be something special.

  9. Question to anyone that might have an answer about the KROC situation: What is the likelihood of him doing something like Stew in ‘06? Is Red Bull deal with a Kawi ride even a possibility?

  10. Notice this detail, in first person view when you lean to turn, the view tilts, but if you lean the rider to the opposite, the view does too! leaving the bike leaned, but the view straight, great!

    Another detail is that the tires also deform.

  11. Still better than any milestone game (except mxgp 3)

  12. Wow over all amazing and the issue with the test Rider here in the vid. @Start your systems- You did ok but you were treating it like a arcade like supercross 5. This game is very real and needs to be treated as such. At the end you were getting much better and you need more time in the game to feel on key. But the crashing and getting up and starting bike that is so badass. I have been wanting that for ever so that people will stop runing into each other, as now your not going to just run int to some one then pop up and keep going. So thats very real. This is more sim then MX Sim for sure. Again you were treating it like Super5 and when you slowed down you got faster just like in real life. So for sure this is what MX games should be. Sounds are very on point and the game is a very good start in fact its start is better the most to all games out there now that are at there end and this is better as its starting point. Thank you to every one and sharing fun things to come. Tootle from me Little Jazzy girl.

  13. it looks sick! a little clean up here and there and it’ll be THE GAME to play

  14. I am for sure gonna buy this, but i want to wait a year or so, it seems promising but i want to give the devs some time

  15. Take a look at some early gameplay of the mx side…its improved so much!!

  16. This game looks amazing for an early access. MX VS ATV needs to take notes. Those games have progressively gotten worse since reflex and alive. This game definitely looks promising

  17. Wow this game I want to see what it’s like in about a year

  18. I’m hoping one day we’ll get something like a Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, or iRacing but for bikes. I know it’s sorta been been done before, but I’m talking a game that goes crazy with bike classes.

  19. Looks good. Could be a slightly wonky game 1 in a series that really takes off. Or maybe splits into separate games. Looks like it has that odd camera mx bikes had, and that the rider’s seating angle stays relatively the same as the bike, even when laying it over far. Otherwise, it kinda looks promising.

  20. I will say, this is the best game. In terms of sounds of the bike. That deep throaty whine, and the sound of banging on the rev limiter, it all sounds good. I look forward to seeing this game getting flushed out more. Could be really good!

  21. At 7:50 you crashed near where the pit area is and it enabled your pit limiter (indicated by the yellow checkered flag in your hud) which is why you were bogging like that. Press 2 or 3 on your keyboard when in 3rd person to choose better cameras. Sitting down is essential and you can get really smooth once you figure it out. There's another update on the way with all kinds of physics changes and other improvements 🙂 Also, try being more active on the right stick, lean back a lot, especially when going over bumps or trying to get traction exiting turns. If you lean forward and get the weight off the back tire and give it some throttle, you can slide the back tire into ruts, then loop the stick around (towards the direction of the outside peg) and lean back as exiting, it feels really good when you get the hang of it.

  22. I think that the virtual rider would look a lot better by leaving helps on! Other than that great video

  23. When pressing 2 on the keyboard you change to a way better 3rd person view in my opinion

  24. so funny to me that their "Suzuki's" have electric start

  25. This actually looks pretty good. The bike sounds are some of the best I've heard in a game. The graphics are great and the physics are definitely promising. It's like Milestone and MX Bikes had a baby.

  26. You were lowkey shredding tf out of that zuki

  27. Ima stick with mxbikes 🤣🤦‍♂️

  28. This game is hot garbage I don't understand why every MX youtuber is making videos on it lately.

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