The crew 2 is actually not too bad!



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  1. I also play the crew 2, you can do races on dirt bikes and there is dirt bike tracks scattered across the map

  2. I'd recommend putting your shifting to sequental and then wheelie a street dirtbike / supermotard since the mx bikes have such short gears

  3. You definetly need to take this to one of the monstertruck arenas, thats what i always do. And i think im speaking for most of the community if i say, that we need a game of bike in tc2 with john

  4. I can teach you how to wheel and do slow wheels

  5. i had the crew for 4 year and there motor cross tracks

  6. i was gonna recommend you playing this me and my buddy would drive across the us on supermotos! btw supermotos wheelie like a dream. i wheelied for 10 mins on 1

  7. Yo this game is so fun I own it for like 3 years I own like every car lol nice video great game

  8. The crew has better wheelie physics the crew 2 doesent

  9. there r jumps there is a motorbike track somewhere

  10. You should try-out the motocross races

  11. it really looks incredible dude also I will give you a secret, you drive better than me

  12. Are you able to do cr85 vers gas gas 85

  13. I love you videos keep up the great work also i love to just wheelie in this game

  14. Naaahh the way you took down that light pool 💀

  15. theres a spot thats meant for monster trucks but i sent it!!!!

  16. The crew 2 is only free for a week then you have to pay for it have fun with it until then 🙂

  17. preordered this game when it first came out one of the best games i ever played

  18. Get a steering wheel and stuff makes the game a hole lot better had it for about 2 -3 years now it's really fun

  19. better than wheeling than me on his first go lol ive been playing for abt a year and i cant do that lol

  20. sequential is great for the bikes when wheeling, the ktm 450 street bike is def the best wheelie bike

  21. They have street set dirt bikes in the crew 2

  22. if u hold trigger half way its easy to control

  23. Is it better to have manual transmission or standard? I use shifting on gran turismo

  24. there is arenas for jumps there is one at long island

  25. so glad this game is finally getting love. It got soo shit on when it first came out because it launched the same year Forza horizon 4 launched

  26. I played this game for a long time and I have a custom dirtbike it’s awesome and I have a Lotta cars
    And I love your Mx
    bike videos

  27. they have a 4 stroke with a 2 stroke sound lmao

  28. Best racing game ever!! Midnight Club, NFS and GTA Vibes 🔥🔥🔥Just need four-wheelers 🤔

  29. How to go Thirdperson to first person and vice versa on COntroller Xbox

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