This Game Looks REAL In Ultra Graphics – Best Motocross Game Right Now

This is MX Bikes running on max settings with reshade. With some great mods and a decent PC, this game looks amazing. Definitely try this out if you play MX Bikes a lot. Thank you for checking out the video. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know what you think in the COMMENTS!

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MX Bikes runs on a physics engine that was built from scratch and accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options. In the game, the player can also host and join online races with an integrated match making server. Statistics for riders is available during events to other players for comparison. MX Bikes features: automotive industry-standard tyre model, dynamic terrain deformation, wet terrain simulation and wet weather, LAN and online racing as well as dedicated servers are available, possibility to paint bikes, helmet, boots, and gloves, tools and documentation are provided to allow advanced players to build and integrate new tracks, bikes, and gear into the game as mods. At its current state it is in beta access.


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  1. How is this game compared to mx simulator in terms of realism / difficulty? Anybody experience?

  2. That's the crazy part about video games. Everybody tries to be better than the other guy and says, "Your so bad, I could easily beat you". But honestly that's not the point of video games. Myself and a lot of other people who are passionate about certain games will love and adore the game no matter what. Even if they admit they aren't the greatest player or even close to it. The love and passion they share and enjoy on their games makes them a much better player alone. While some people are trying to get better than the other guy just cause they want to make themselves feel good then they shouldn't even be playing that game. The enjoyment and the happiness a video game gives you is honestly the only thing that matters and that's what makes you a pro gamer.

  3. Ngl mxgp 2019 still the best motocross game, looks way better than this

  4. Quit crying holy shit. I came to see the shaders. Heard a lot of crying about idiots posting on the internet.

  5. Will my pc run it? Idk ryzen 9 5900x 32gb 3600mhz ram pcie4 m.2 evga ftw3 rtx3080 is that good enough?

  6. I know you don't consider yourself the fastest in this game or anything like that, but your videos and content have always been top notch. I'd much rather see people inspired to make good content like yours, rather than bragging about their lap times.

  7. looks like ur pc is kinda struggling to render in the small stuff. is anti-unaliasing and other things maxed?

  8. Dont sweat the D bags too much man, some people lack a certain level of understanding in life and need that "im better than a youtuber/some random guy" affirmation in their life. I just got a PC and might give this game a try!

  9. Definitely doesnt look Real. But looks VASTLY improved

  10. This doesn't look real…
    Real is real 😅
    Physics are weird sometimes, and the best feeling is actually to feel the bike trying to get better every day and even the pain from falling off is a nice experience 😅😁

  11. Really wish I could figure out how to add bikes and tracks .

  12. I think the final piece of the puzzle is having the rider model movement be more fluid and reactive. It would make the replays look much better with these visuals 🔥

  13. callate un toque para escuchar el sonido bobi

  14. tbh… with this settings the game has WAY TOO MUCH color saturation. the colors are way to bright. looks more like a comic than like real life. but you can change color correction in reshade too

  15. The RF series that Kellen commentates NEEDS to figure out how to get the championship to this game, ASAP.

  16. The first comparison shot is totally deceptive! Show the EXACT SAME track in comparison!!! Why don't you show a Geo Metro before and then a LaFerarri as an after shot? Same thing.

  17. We need more dirtbike games that feel the way riding does. 🔥💪

  18. Sorry, but looks like ass IMHO. The physics look like trash. This would have been acceptable maybe 10 or more years ago, but not today.

  19. Your dealing with a trapped mx simulator fan base. These are some fucking mean nerds. Just be prepared and keep doing what your doing!!!!

  20. Hey man , first of all, great video as always but second of all, I never comment on YouTube but I wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t feel bad for the people behaving bad towards you talking about how you play this or that game ! You never say you are the best or anything and you always stay humble , I don’t know why people try to put you down. Just keep enjoying what you do and you got my support. I enjoy watching you playing since a few years and as long as you like what you do you are making great videos ! Plus your lap was really nice !

  21. I wonder if this kind of thing would ever come out for gp bikes. They prob use the same rendering engine too, since they are made by the same people

  22. Wow, that looks amazing. Hopefully JV keeps making tracks for MX Bikes. The color saturation is definitely too high here for me but that is totally adjustable in re-shade of course. Also dont listen to the shit stains. People like that just have self esteem issues.

  23. What i don't understand is how devs who makes ''Remastered'' graphics, never quite understand how lightning and shadows work.
    They allways go for that ultra (way too much) gamma. This is not realistic, this is how it looks when you're fucking high.

    The trees are not green, it's ULTRA SHINY GREEN! It's not shadows, IT'S ULTRA DARK SHADOWS!
    Like ffs just learn how to do it allready. Not in just this game, but all remastered games.

  24. Does this reshade cause more demand on the gpu? Right now vanilla graphics run smooth for me. Just didn't want to install this and ruin my fps.

  25. when i try to put my mods on mx bikes and i do everything correct but the mods just won't show up, can anyone help me?

  26. Congrats on just having fun mate that’s what games where meant to be .lol people get nasty over nothing what a joke they are

  27. sorry but graphics look like a 2005 game to me

  28. Isn't this a shader pack vid ??? Why you complaining about your talent on MX bikes :/ not even a link for the shader too lol, yes there is toxic competitive gamers out there. Keep on that grind

  29. I wish the mxgp games would make the handling just like this game. The acceleration is so realistic. I'm so bored of the mxgp games they all feel the same and they feel so slow and you get no air

  30. Man who cares about the haters. Stop being so defensive in every video it’s extremely annoying. Let them hate. The more you defend yourself, the more you enable the haters.

  31. LOL you really got people sending you "1v1 me bro" messages on a mx game lmaoo whats wrong with people

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