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  1. im 10 hours in and so far im surprised, im still kinda bad but i see the progress, and honestly im a little addicted

  2. It’s probably what no life looks like as well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. i bought this game 2 years ago and only have 40 hours on the game its definitely a game you have to put time in to get better. it's a love hate relationship

  4. How on earth i can get handguards on Honda? I tried the model swap and even if it says it works on 2023 oem nothing happens when i put the files on the bike folder.

  5. coming up on 200 hours on my crf without a rebuild

    its a joke i get the point of the video

  6. I'm not actually interested in motocross, but… Damn it, as man from other fandom I really enjoy to see how people doing their favourite stuff, discuss it, how they really fall in love in their hobby. Just keep your doing, many respects and good luck to you, motor-guys πŸ™‚

  7. whats the first track? the sunset looks so sick

  8. 300 like goal?? Aim a little higher πŸ˜‚

  9. Yeah hell no you need broaden your game play because a simple dirt bike game is not even in the top 20 of best games. It also is not the best game ever that is a ridiculous claim which is false.

  10. Holy cow, how have I never heard of this game? I never got a chance to race, but I put hundreds of hours on my pedal bike in my backyard and the field behind my house.

    I can't wait to put a ridiculous amount of time in this game

  11. Play Mx vs atv legends it’s so fun

  12. I would love this game so much but I don’t have a pc

  13. I'm not hating but I tried this game and it was impossible to play. honestly if you're going too put that much time into a video game then you might as well go out and put that time into a real race track. cant afford a dirt bike? simple, put the hours into working a real job then you can go out on a track. its honestly sad hearing people put so many hours into a simulator game that doesn't do anything for you. id much rather work on my craft at the track than sit in a dark room all day playing some old motocross game. say what you want I don't care, id say its my opinion but its straight up facts. you'll get more done in a day of riding a real bike than spending countless hours looking at pixels. if you got a disability then fair enough but if you aint you got no excuses…

  14. Damn I remember watching when u had 50 hours.

  15. i have 10 hours as of right now i'd love to be in the video

  16. does this game account for the ground getting compacted when the bike goes over it? (giving the bike better traction if u follow the grooves)

  17. Imagine applying that same amount of time into learning a trade job and becoming a business owner.

  18. Fun to watch especially since I just got this bike irl

  19. Damn dude you are good at this youtube thing, not sure how long you have been doing this but damn you should have way more subs.

  20. if you put 900 hours into real MX you could ride like this for real πŸ˜€

  21. That game is absolutely AMAZING in VR it just works so fkn well…

  22. how can u drive with that POV? 🀣 feels like 200 but its only like 80 max haha

  23. is it available on xbox and how much will it cost

  24. imagine how much youd of improved if you did this in real life

  25. I bought motogp23 then refunded it…Gonna buy this πŸ™‚

    Ps – brilliant video mate! I subbed <3

  26. Looks good. Seems to cary a bit too much speed though. Real tracks don't allow for 40 mph minimum speeds. Bike and phyisics look good, but the tracks need equal attention.

  27. bro needs to spend 900 hours riding a real bike

  28. You asked for 300 likes and now you’re at 5.3k, good shit man!

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