Today we got our hands on the brand new crew motorfest and it has some AWESOME freeride You can legit go wherever you want from trails to jumps to hill climbs its awesome! Along with iconic bikes like the KX,YZ and more!

Real Life Riding Channel – @norriscreationsirl8746

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  1. Happy the views on this video popped off for you. Love and prayers of success and strength. Dropping a sub for you.

  2. The helmets in the game are so trash, can you unlock more?

  3. My graphic card is sadly too bad for this game, and I don't have the money to buy a new one. When a good motorcycle finally game comes out can't my graphic card run it.

  4. It’s not a dirt bike game and it’s the crew so it’s a free roaming game…. Is this guy an idiot? Change your title

  5. Nah I ain't spendin that much money on this game.

  6. let's be real GTA 6 will beat this in game award ayeeeeeeee

  7. After about 7 seconds I thought this must be a paid video

  8. Didn’t expect tricks looks very fun. Driver doesn’t fall off either

  9. physics is ass. bike seems to weight 2 tonnes

  10. I know people rip on ubisoft but they sure make a beautiful open world!!

  11. They should add different dirtbike helmets.They should also add combos for the wheelies

  12. The physics in the Crew are straight trash. The moment you jump, you’re sucked back to the ground like it has 3x gravity.

  13. I envy you. Living in your own universe, enjoying a crap game with a lot of happiness. Welcome back 1990 🙂

  14. Your commentary is hilarious. Literally subscribing to hear you talk shit 😂😂😂

  15. absolute unrealistic physics "ThIs Is So SiCk* jesus lol

  16. First, W vid and sick update they did keep up the good work

  17. In all of the crew games if you grease it you can do anything aslong as you grease it.

  18. Play tcm and Mx bikes so it’s a w watching u play it😂

  19. ok i need to take a day off on Thursday 😂

  20. I have all sorts of true dirtbike racing games. Like supercross 5. But if i want to explore then i hop on the crew 2. Physics are a little bad compared to supercross 5. But its pretty nice.

  21. “Lets you ride anywhere”
    goes to a trail

  22. In Forza games & even The Crew 2 I never cared to explore off road but this map is really making it fun to ride the dirtbikes on & off road!

  23. How do I get on dirt bikes and atvs just got this game?

  24. I’d agree this game was the best if my frame rates weren’t complete trash on my Xbox. TC2 is way better right now for me.

  25. This game is absolutely fire! Got the game preordered and it’s awesome the updated physics with the cars and everything is way better map is a downgrade though. Awesome to see you uploading!

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