Top 3 Biggest Saves On a Dirt Bike


  1. Number one dude just started flying then went on his way like a total NPC

  2. Am I have looked cool but in my opinion the last one I feel like he kept on driving because he was suffering so much

  3. No matter what isn’t letting go of shit in my bike

  4. The third guy takes balls of steel to the next level

  5. man i don't even have balls myself but i felt the last one

  6. somebody has been riding dirt about a week if these rank as anything other than everyday shit

  7. 1970s we made our own motocross track that included a hard turn at the top of a hill, ride along the summit and wheelie off the top and down a double hill hard acceleration to corner 1 into sand, corner 2 up sand hills to corner 3 whoopdy doos to corner 4 hard acceleration to frog 🐸 pond and wheelie through the water and back to corner 5 and hardest acceleration rooster 🐓 tails while on a long curves and back to the start hill top. Very challenging. Most aspects of any moto that I've seen. Kids

  8. Last guy: 🥚🥚 —> 💥💥 —> 🍳🍳

  9. And at number one its called the nut cracker

  10. "Never crash", is the handstand guys motto. Everyone who's ever ridden much has done that.

  11. What to do did on number one I did that three days ago

  12. Eh if you’ve never accidentally Superman’d n recovered you just ain’t riding that hard

  13. The last ones camera man went from OH SHIT HE FINNA DIE to YESSSIIIIIIIIIIR THATS MY BOI RIGHT THERE

  14. Nobody talkin bout homie just slidin across the frozen lake 😂

  15. I’m the last one you can clearly tell that it’s just skill I’ve made a jump like that and it sucks

  16. The first two was a normal ride. But that last was was sick. Always prepare for the buck because your bike don’t give a f***.

  17. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂oo99ooo

  18. If you think that one guy was skill or luck. You are gone. And are to be kept too a distance

  19. ”Phowowoo, WIOOOOæ SHIT”💀

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