Top 3 Biggest Saves On a Dirt Bike


  1. I feel like 1 was skill he new what to do immediately and pulled himself down i think

  2. You obviously haven’t spent time on a Mx bike lol

  3. The one in the intro are CboysTV and there my favorite YouTube channel

  4. I’m the first one in the first frame that’s me mother I’m famous

  5. 3rd bro definitely was doing the "baby grind on meeeee" thirst trap back in the day

  6. I wasn’t saved I did a scorpion and feel pain from it 12 years later😂😂😂

  7. Bros personal vehicle was destroyed. He gotta call mors mutual

  8. Lol Iv seen biggest saves in 1 outdoor moto at the pro national

  9. „Not sure if this is skill or luck“ – it is definitely PAIN

  10. That last dude felt everything downstairs immediately launch up and into his body

  11. I saw a video of a doing stunts on a road and crashes on a tanker then cutting off his head

  12. 3 was practise, 2 the power of a 2 stroke, 3 pure luck😂

  13. biggest saves is a reach….these are mediocre.

  14. Bruv I done crazier shit then that on a 110

  15. number 1's ꉣꏂꋊ꒐ꇙ: WELL THAT HURT

  16. How about the one where he stops about half an inch in front of a trap meant to kill dirt bikers?

  17. Last one did some of the world champion moves💀

  18. My man’s balls on that last one are gone 😂

  19. when your riding and you almost wipe out but it all ends up fine gives such a nice adrenaline rush

  20. where’s travis pastranas straight rhythm save

  21. The first FIRST clip was the best save💀

  22. there is a clip floating around of some kids who almost get decappitated from a steel wire.

  23. That last one probably both skill and luck

  24. Last one pulled up an scorpion after being happy that he rided on water

  25. Ha hum.. Aj Catanzaro straight rhythm

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