Top 3 Motocross Games You Should Buy !!!

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  1. Tell me why the new scrub mechanic in MadSkillsMX3 is better then millstone scrubs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Imo
    Mtx moto trax
    Mx unleashed or mx vs atv unleashed
    Mx superfly

  3. just tried buying reflex for ps5 the other day but had to subscribe to a monthly access thing on PSN. couldn't just buy a digital copy.

  4. Can’t stop playing All Out. No way I’m going back to reflex even if it has custom tracks.

  5. You should definently do some Top 5/10 lists hehe, everbody loves them 😉

  6. What about the @mazing madskills motocross 2, that's free that definitely should be in there

  7. Slight problem you can only play 1 outta the 3 games you mentioned on console. Can you make a vid for casual players on console

  8. So basically if you wanna play any good moto games or reflex to it’s full potential you need a pc

  9. Can anybody please help me out on modding MX vs ATV Reflex? I am unable to find the links for the files needed to mod the game.

  10. I will say this I’ve finally seen the light. Now I had to buy a gaming pc just to make this happen. But I’ve been playing MX Bikes for 200 hrs. And I will never look back. I bought MXGP 2021 and asked for a refund. Mx bikes is hard if you’re like me that never played a sim style moto game. But christ it’s such a payoff when you have a good moto. I may get the new supercross game I may not. I’m gong to predict that milestone will never get another dime from me.

  11. Imo, alive untamed best on ps3 and Xbox 360, Mxgp 3 supercross 1, best ps4 and Xbox one, Mx vs atv reflex, Mx bikes, Mx sim, Mxgp pro, Mx vs atv untamed best pc due to the insane support on them and mods

  12. I was tired of Spencer shit for years until I realized how fucked up milestone is I've ran league races in sx 2 sx 3 sx4 won a few races on PS4 good friends good times but I wish could play reflex sim or mx bikes

  13. The only people that have time to get good at sim and bikes are unemployed

  14. If Ellis from L4D2 is recommending an MX game to me you can bet I'll be paying attention

  15. See Spencer…like you said, it's dependent on what one wants to play…:/

    So, for this point I'm making; referencing the games/sims in this video:

    Reflex (or any MX vs ATV) is a no no for me – too 'arcadey' (looks and plays like something from 80s arcades)…yes I am that old!

    Secondly, MX Bikes and MX simulator (for their simulator aspects) nothing is close I agree -Problem is:
    A. Multiplayer mostly
    B. Buggy with the development (erode doesn't work right in either sim) – even with stock tracks.

    For me personally, it boils down to Official series and whether you like it or not, Milestone (for now) have been the only official games based on the real life sport.

    Additionally, not only are they officially based, it's the singleplayer element that is crucial for me; being able to race against real riders…just as in F1 etc…

    Milestone games aren't perfect; there's many things I'd like things to be better, but from the official standpoint, it's all we have.

    I still play MX simulator and MX bikes…but I need that Officially licensed game.

  16. Bro this intro has to be the cringiest thing I've ever heard

  17. Which would you say is the most comparable to MX Superfly (GameCube) that is available on PC?

  18. what game is the one taht your playing in this video

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