TRIPLE CROWN COMEBACK! | Race 9 | Monster Energy Supercross 2 Championship Mode

We head to Atlanta for the second Triple Crown event in our Monster Energy Supercross 2 2019 Championship mode and have to battle back to stay in the hunt for the win!

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Video Creator: Ed Soundhead
Editor: Ed Soundhead


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  3. Turn the difficulty up, what are you like 7?

  4. Monster energyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa😖😖😖

  5. Best supercross game? . Supercross 2 looks better then 3 or 4

  6. My brother just got this game and he really likes it

  7. Hey just some tips don’t gas in on the corner. When ur coming up to one let off the gas then as u get half way through the corner, gas it

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  9. Always enjoy watching you race. Seems to be no matter the vehicle used either. You are a good competitor. Would love to race with you one day, if we can get this arranged. Be draft partner or a blocker. Great win today.

  10. Llllllll. I just started watching you and you’re insane

  11. What if you need to go in the bathroom 🚽 while playing the game

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