TRIPLE CROWN COMEBACK! | Race 9 | Monster Energy Supercross 2 Championship Mode

We head to Atlanta for the second Triple Crown event in our Monster Energy Supercross 2 2019 Championship mode and have to battle back to stay in the hunt for the win!

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Video Creator: Ed Soundhead
Editor: Ed Soundhead


  1. Can I have a shout out it's my birthday

  2. can you please do petaluma speedway pitroad panic with pinball mod and maybe moon gravity. P.S with pinball mod the cars don't get stuck in that one spot

  3. Literally my favorite series to watch and I’m not even into Motocross and never played this game

  4. Not to take anything away from this but…. AREN'T YOU EXCITED GEN SIX NASCAR'S ARE COMING TO WRECKFEST!?!?!?!

  5. Third start – you went down, and got turned into paste. How dahell you get up to keep riding!?!?!? 0.o

  6. I have been to one of the monster energy super cross in Minneapolis

  7. Peick=Pike as in Pikes Peak
    Road=Rhythm Lane

    Not trying to be an ass just trying to help👍

  8. The way you take those whoops after the 4th corner is a thing of beauty!

  9. "Alot better than that Devin fellow" me then trying to think of his name, followed by a loud chuckle when I realised his last name….

  10. Man you took the whoops section very fast. Looks like you reached into your inner StreetHawk there "Hyper thrust, cleared and counting!!" Is the Atlanta track based inside a gridiron stadium or a baseball field?

  11. Try to find some rhythm on the bumps and the ramps

  12. Also adjust the bikes direction in the air so u can have a smooth landing

  13. I miss Dungey, he was my favorite rider of all time, now sense he is retired from suppercross, tomac is my go to rider now

  14. I feel your anger to Weston Peick. He is my enemy in that game too


  16. I have watched this episode over 63 times and yes I counted every single one

  17. I watched so much of you super cross videos every one I see i already watched them

  18. To scrub/whip you have to pull the joystick left and right

  19. What game is that it looks cool can you get it on ps4

  20. Comment if you wan5 to race with me on this game on Xbox

  21. no entendi una chota lo que decis pero me gusto el video solo te entiendo ''ernfuh3fury37dnnskfklakjfubc''

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