Weird Dirt Bike Games You Didn’t Know Existed

Today we look at 3 weird dirt bike games you probably didn’t play. The list is in no particular order, but one of these games stands out as the strangest Motocross game ever made.

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  1. I really enjoyed MX Nitro, I love Trials Fusion and Rising too🥰

  2. I played Moto racer 4 when I was 5 it was my first Mx game

  3. I didn't know about any of these games, except MotoRacer 4. I didn't play it because they left out the one gamemode that made the franchise unique: Trials. To this day it's the only game to have that type of motorcycle trials, to my knowledge. It was kind of a sim-cade mode too. So disappointed when they "Milestone/Sumo'd" it

  4. Motoracer 3 the mx part is insane for its time. I have no comments for motoracer 4. 2:07 also wtf the fk with the rear wheel

  5. MX World Tour was my second motocross game, back then it was awesome

  6. The third game reminds of motocross madness 2 alot, with crapy physics hehe

  7. I played MX Nitro in middle school on the school computers and was the best waste of school time ever, but it was literally just a good computer game, and from the choices we had it was one of the best games available.

  8. You should checkout the game called "Fuel"… it's interesting but good game

  9. "Then you get the ones that make you go, huh?" I don't think I've related to a comment like I do with this in a long time. 🤣 Motorcycle games in general have ALWAYS been VERY hit or miss.

  10. I remember freekstyle and that quad game called pure both really fun over the top games

  11. Ive been always a fan of MX games. I remember things like Freakstyle or Freestyle Metal X, and i still love those games and the variety we used to have. BTW Moto Racer 4 its a scam, have exactly the same engine and tracks from "ATV Drift and Tricks", "Offroad Racing" and another one i cant remember the name.

  12. Some of those games look fun unlike some. They may be weird but those games are my favorite.

  13. That motocross force reminds me of those new losi rc dirt bikes that there making .

  14. Always nice to enjoy a nice arcadey game with a twist. That first one looks fun. Everything doesn't have to be a freaking simulator

  15. Yeah I have nitro in my sale watch list. If it drops I might pick it up.

  16. You could try the bikes from atv offroad fury 4. Those are entertaining haha. The one thing that I did always like about them actually was the drift physics.

  17. I used to get off school and play mx nitro on library computers. That used to be the highlight of my day

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