When You Spend To Much Time Around Dirt Bikes 😂

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↓↓↓ Dirt Bike Parts And Accessories listed below ↓↓↓

Kalair GFX Custom dirt bike graphics kits:

Send Kalair GFX a DM on Instagram, tell them I sent you and you will get a discount 😉

Get Havoc Goggles!

Dirt bike trailer hitch Carrier –

Want to get the same first bike I bought? Check it out below:

Apollo RFZ x15 125cc Small Wheel:
Apollo RFZ x18 125cc BIG WHEEL:
(backup link):
Apollo RFZ x19 125cc HEADLIGHT & BIGWHEEL:

▼Dirt Bike Accessories:▼

Dirt Bike Tire Spoons (Tire removal tools)
Motocross dirt bike stand:
Dirt Bike Easy Lift Stand:
Rolling shop seat with tool trey:
Spoke Skins:
Universal Speedo:
Universal Hand Gaurds:
FMF Exhuast plug (for washing your bike):

(Choose appropriate display for your bike) *Bike Guide can be found within each listing
Vapor Dirt Bike Digital Displays:

★★★ KLX 140 PARTS: ★★★

▼Engine Modifications▼:

Ported & Big Valve Cylinder Head:
Stroker Crank Shaft:
Performance Camshaft:

170CC Big Bore Kit:
170CC Big Bore Kit With Upgraded Camshaft:
170CC Big Bore Kit *Forged Piston*:
170CC Big Bore Kit W/ Camshaft & Big Valve Cylinder Head:

Complete Package Ultimate Big Bore Kit:

▼Exhaust Systems▼:

Norifumi Complete Exhaust:
OVER Racing Complete Exhaust:
Big Gun Exhaust:
Titanium Megabom Exhaust:

▼Carburetors Upgrade▼

Genuine PWK28
PWK Intake Boot:
PWK Jet Kit:


Engine Guards: (requires minimal trimming)
Frame Guards: (requires minimal trimming)
Heavy Duty Skid Plate:
Seat Cover:


BBR 140L specific Heavy-duty front and rear springs:

▼Hand Control Upgrades▼:
Vapor Digital Dash :
Renthal Handlebars:
ASV Folding Clutch Lever:
ASV Folding Brake Lever:
Acerbis Hand Guards:

▼Foot Control Upgrades▼:

Flo KX100 Foot Pegs: (May require minor trimming)
Tusk KX250F Brake Lever: (requires a washer spacer)

▼Maintenance Items▼:
Best Engine Oil:
Engine Oil Filter:
OEM Air Filter:
Upgraded Battery:
Air Filter Oil & Cleaner:

▼Replacement Parts▼
KX100 Front Number Plate (White):
KX100 Front Number Plate (Green):
Kx100 Fender Upgrade (Black):
Kx100 Fender Upgrade (Green):
Rear 140G SwingArm:
Air Filter Assembly:

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  1. I did that to mine after a long day at the track and luckily no one was around to see it 😏

  2. The bike is so clean bro what's it called

  3. Bro im on the road to 100 subs all ready at 23🤗

  4. I got a kx85 and I show her my love all the time

  5. Hey bro nice lookin bike did u make that handle on the seat yourself

  6. I’m saving up for a bike thinking of a 125 any recommendations other than that ??

  7. I was just about to say “he better not finger that fucking bike”

  8. That’s a 140 Kawasaki I ride and my brother has that dirt bike lol

  9. Nahhh ain’t no way bro got the klx140 😂 nah it’s good I had that bike back in 2017 I have a YZ 250 X now two-stroke

  10. Imagine u miss and bend your finger backwards

  11. Bro, this is so dangerous. Do you wanna start your dirtbike in your room?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. 13 and ride dirt bikes. 110 can move atleast.

  13. This is me lol cuz I love dirt bikes❤️

  14. So relatable lmaooo I’m going riding in Maine this weekend

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